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Christmas 2010 is near and these are some of the best kids I could find for my kids.


You have trouble impressing your child on Christmas 2011? If your child’s old toys have are common history or do not attract his interest, it’s time to call in the heavy artillery: intelligent toys! These toys are effective and safe because it retains the educational and interactive side of the little ones.

My last post on Top Gifts for Christmas 2012 was pretty visited, so I decided to add a new list with gift ideas for kids age 7-15. Motorola Walkie Talkies Motorola MH230R  Two-Way Radio is the perfect gift for your kid. He can talk with his friends in the city or he can play as a […]

Christmas 2009 is so close, that we can almost smell it. Will it snow this year? Well, for the sake of my kids I hope so. This is my Top 5 List with the best christmas gifts for 2009.

Your kid will learn to Piano and keyboard with this complete learning tool for developing his music skills.