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Top Gifts for Christmas 2012

Posted on: June 30, 2012

Christmas 2012 is near, and I still don’t know what’s the best gift for my 16 years old kid. Before saying anything more you must know that this is a personal list that I think my child would love.  I’m choosing the devices on “learn &  fun” priority. So, here it is

1. Kindle Wireless Reading Device  – 2012 cheap version

Kindle from Amazon is #1 in my list for the top Gifts for Christmas 2012. I was observing kids these days, and they focus so much on technology and movies and spend so little time reading good old fashion books. We read because our lives have too little magic, wonder, heroism, laughter, or justice and I really want my child to inherit those attributes.  This amazing device from Amazon is every reader’s dream and I really think it would be the best Christmas gift for my kid. With this amazing device, my kid can access anytime up to 3500 books. Unlike LCD screens, Kindle’s screen reads like real paper, with no glare. No harm done to his eyes. With wireless off, the Kindle will last up to one month. That’s something! Oh, I forgot to tell you that has Built-In Wi-Fi. I forgot to tell you Kindle can play MP3s while you read. The cheapest price, discounts and full features for this amazing device can be found on Amazon.

2. Apple iPod touch 64 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

The new iPod would be another amazing Gift for Christmas 2012. Talk with your friends on FaceTime app. Shoot, edit, and share stunning HD video. Play games versus friends, or unidentified foes, with the new Game Center. And do it all on the Retina display – the highest-resolution screen on any mobile device. And let’s not forget all the cool apps in iTunes store.

3. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

It’s time to transform your child’s room into a starry sanctuary that comforts him/her. This amazing device visualizes a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room. You have 3 projection color options blue, green, and amber to create magical, tranquil environments
This device works on three AAA batteries and has auto shut-off; 45 minutes sleep timer. Another amazing Christmas 2012 Gift.

4. Duck Hunter EXTREME Indoor/Outdoor 2 Player Radio Control Infrared Duck Hunting Game

This game is about survival, it’s you against the duck.  My kid loves video games with guns, so I guess he will really love to shoot some toy ducks in real life.  This provocative radio-control game adjudicates the battle once and for all. One player gets a safe laser blaster gun and the other gets control of the duck’s flight pattern. Although you are attempting to draw a bead on the evasive target, your adversary is making the duck zig, zag, dip and dive. A fast 10-second charge keeps the duck aloft for seven minutes unless it gets shot down. The package includes duck, infrared shooter, transmitter/charger. Requires 3 AAA and 6 AA batteries.

5. Fisher-Price The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs – Pink

Are you prepared to meet The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, the fresh free-spirited, offbeat characters that activate unforeseen laugher and excitement with every interaction! The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs enjoy nothing more than singing jointly, and just to prove it, they harmonize with each other in perfect pitch every time. When in chatter mode they speak their own language full of jibber and jabbers.
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What are your top gifts your kids would love for Christmas 2012?


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