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Do you like to celebrate Halloween? It does not matter because I’m sure your kid loves it! Each year we prepare the horror Halloween costumes and pranks and visit our neighbors on October 31. Remember that Halloween means more than a scary night. It could mean a lot of fun if you want. There are tons of Halloween recipes, pumpkin-carving ideas, Halloween games and party ideas. It’s the best time to gather with your family, eat a nice dinner, listen to stories and have a good time.

But don’t forget that your child is the most important actor that night. That’s why you should get him a costume that fits his personality. Focus all your attention on your kid because he will remember this night all his life. I hope you like the Top Halloween Costumes for Kids I have prepared for you guys.

If you kid is between 4 and 15, then you should check Top Halloween 2011 Costumes for Boys and Girls:

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If your baby is under 4, then it’s time to see if you can find something that you like on Top Halloween 2011 Costumes for Infants and Toddlers:

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You have trouble impressing your child on Christmas 2011? If your child’s old toys have are common history or do not attract his interest, it’s time to call in the heavy artillery: intelligent toys! These toys are effective and safe because it retains the educational and interactive side of the little ones.

Top Christmas 2011 Smart Toys for Kids

LeapFrog Scribble and Write

With LeapFrog your child can walk the path of early writing with Scribble and Write. There are multiple learning modes that will aid the child progress. He/she can choose from drawing various shapes and pictures, to writing letters. LeapFrog offer online support for customized learning ideas. It’s a fun way to learn how to write. One of the best toys you could offer your child on Christmas 2011.

Quercetti Tecno Building Toy
Quercetti Tecno Building Toy

Your child will use this intelligent game to create unique 3D structures. The special board will provide the perfect space for him to use and employ unique shapes in his constructions. The package includes tools, nuts, screws, bolts and a variety of shapes. Tecno Building Toy is made in Italy and contains high quality plastic. It’s perfect for children age 4+. Let your child enjoy this intelligent game on Christmas 2011.

Rorry Intelligent Cube Kids
Rory’s Story Cubes

Allow your imagination ramble spontaneous with Rory’s Story Cubes! This small originative story generator supplies hours of creative entertaining for all ages. The Story Cubes consists in nine dice. Roll the dice and view the face up picture. Pick a figure and let your child start his story from there. The child can start with “Once upon a time…” and construct up a narration that somehow associates all 9 face up figures. Don’t worry about the wrong answers, because there is no your child can’t be wrong with this game. Just let him use his imagination! He can play alone or with his friends in Christmas 2011 eve.

Name That Country Game

Name That Country is a fun way to learn more about the world geography. Playing this game, the kid will learn fascinating things about the world. The game can be played by 2-3 players, kids ages 8+. I Believe after playing the game 10 or 20 times that near every kids will ascertain the country names. The perfect Christmas Gift!

Christmas 2011 is almost here and it’s time to give your child an intelligent toy he will remember the rest of his life. I remember I got my first word game when I was 4 and the same year I learned how to read.

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